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 The cause of obesity is largely divided into two parts. First, it can be caused if you have a large amount of food intake compared to the metabolic activities you perform. Second, poor health can cause swelling of the body. Building muscles through training will allow better blood circulation, which helps replenish the body's metabolic rates while rapidly increasing weight loss and encouraging overall improvement in health. - Elastic body (Toned body?) For those who do not struggle too much with weight but desire a stronger, more toned body, training the muscles will give skin elasticity and a healthy glow in order to achieve a more toned figure. In addition, gaining muscle mass will tighten previously saggy skin, resulting in a physique with toned muscles and volume.


 Posture imbalance, scoliosis, or general pain resulting from poor lifestyle choices or excessive labor is caused fundamentally from a lack of muscles, which results in the inability of bones and joints to support the body. Training that strengthens the muscles around the spinal joints, bones, and ligaments will give more support to the spine and can alleviate or do away with pain in these areas.


 Illnesses such as plantar fasciitis, dizziness, and other various causes of osteoarthritis pain can be treated through sports medicine and asian medicine.

Please get counseling if you suffer from any of these illnesses.


 Some causes of infertility include stress, excessive labor, and poor health due to lifestyle choices. Training to strengthen the spleen and kidneys help foster a healthier environment within a woman’s body to increase chances of pregnancy.

The key to avoiding weight gain after pregnancy is to exercise before pregnancy in order to promote strength and stamina. Doing this can also greatly help with postpartum body recovery.

Post childbirth training helps recovery from the widening of the pelvis from birthing. In addition, exercise after childbirth helps to quickly rid waste products, edema, and fat accumulated during pregnancy. Moreover, post childbirth training helps women maintain healthy and beautiful bodies by increasing the muscle mass decreased during pregnancy.


 The degeneration of the human body takes place starting at the age of 30. As muscle mass and hormone levels decrease, the body suffers problems with posture and joint pain. These age-related problems may keep many older individuals from maintaining a healthy, happy life. To prevent these problems, we advise increasing muscle mass through training, which will strengthen joints and benefit circulation. Although many people believe exercise will increase sore joints and worsen their pain, this thinking is wrong. Proper training and exercise actually enable people to overcome their pains by strengthening their bodies, and allows an enjoyable, healthy life, even at old age.